Health Minister injured in car accident

22/03/2011 10:50

Seven people, including Health Minister Petrit Vasili, were injured in a car crash along the “Peqin-Elbasan” road section, near Papri area.

A “Volkswagen” car registered in Kosovo crashed against the “Mercedes” carrying health minister Petrit Vasili.
The aftermath of this accident left injured Petrit Vasili, Director of Health Directory Policies in the respecting ministry, Pëllumb Pipero and Klodian Rrjepaj, both employees of the Health Ministry, and Andi Harizaj, the driver.

Three other people who were traveling with the Kosovo registered van were also injured: Faik Çota and two brothers, Fatmir and Kastriot Duka, both Muslim clergymen.
Kastriot Duka is also known for being expelled from Kosovo, where he directed a mosque.

All victims were sent to the Elbasan Surgery Hospital, and according to Nikollaq Thano, chief of ER, all victims suffered only light injuries.
“Their situation is stabilized and out of danger. Four of the injured were sent to the Military Hospital. There were light injuries and a right knee haematoma.” Nikollaq Thano, chief of ER, confirmed to the press.
Many police officers started immediately investigating the scene for the circumstances and causes of the accident.

Unconfirmed information says that a wrong lane entry by the Kosovo driver was cause of the accident.

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