Graphic images of the multiple knife attack in the Tirana mosque, where 5 worshippers were injured

22/04/2021 19:24

These are the images of the serious attack on Monday in the mosque in the center of Tirana, where 5 people were stabbed by 34-year-old Rudolf Nikolli, before he was overpowered by other worshippers and members of the community.

The images show the perpetrator of the attack with a hat on his head, who arrived by bicycle around 14:30 at the place of prayer, where he would then carry out the frenzied multiple attack.

He entered the mosque and randomly stabbed anyone who looked like a muslim believer, before being neutralized by worshipers and passers-by, until the arrival of the police forces who arrested him.

Nikolli himself comes from Catholic family in Burrel in northeastern Albania, but converted to Islam.

The attacker reportedly suffered from mental health disorders, paranoia, his family members said.


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