Farmers in the villages of Vlora seek help from the danger of grasshopers for their cultures

03/06/2023 16:29

The ground locust endangers the crops of Mavrore village in Vlora. Farmers say that they have been fighting against this insect that destroys fruits and vegetables for 5 years, but they are alone since the Ministry of Agriculture has not taken any measures to prevent locust outbreaks.

Farmers say they are ready to spray their own lands with insecticides, if the Directorate of Agriculture provides them with pesticides that save production.

Jorgo Runaj, a young man passionate about cultivating the land, he says that he chose to live in the village with the sole purpose of producing organic products that give him the much-desired income.

But the fear of the young farmer this year is that all his investment will go to waste as the ground grasshopers damage the plants of the field. Farmers say that they have 10 days to start the treatment against  the locust colonies, otherwise all areas will face the insect wave that damages the crops.

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