Two Ukrainian women found dead in friend’s apartment, they suspectedly came to Albania a few days ago

10/05/2024 16:15

Two Ukrainian women were found dead today in an apartment in Tirana, suspectedly of drug overdose, the local police announced, adding that the deceased had arrived in the country only a short time ago.

Journalist Dorjana Bezat reports that according to suspicions, the victims Antonina Kozachenko and Anastasia Lopukhova practiced prostitution, which is illegal in Albania.

Both had arrived in Albania a few days ago and were staying in an apartment in the ‘Selvia’ area of Tirana, with a friend who had arrived in the country about two months ago. It was the latter that found the dead bodies of the 25- and 40-year-old in the apartment.

It is suspected that the two citizens lost their lives because they consumed an overdose of drugs containing narcotic substancës as the investigation continues.

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