Earthquake tremors in Albania, yesterday’s seism damaged houses in Klos

16/01/2023 20:56

The Albanian territory has been affected by seismic tremors during the last 24 hours.

The earthquake of Sunday afternoon had a magnitude of 3.7 with a depth of 2 km and 14 kilometers in the vicinity of Burrel in central Albania, where it caused damage to several houses.

In the village of Shkall of the Xibër administrative unit, another earthquake struck this morning, again causing panic for the residents.

While work continues on the ground to assess the damage, the residents say that the new damage is also a consequence of the poor damage assessment work by the mayor damage of November 26, 2019 earthquake.

On Monday, smaller tremors were felt in the capital Tirana and in central Albania, continuing the feeling of fear among residents.

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