Commemorating Prostriba revolt

06/09/2011 20:55

The Albanian Parliament held yesterday a session on honor of the 65th
anniversary of the first anticommunist movement in Albania and Europe,
the Postriba Revolt, in 1946.

As the first popular resistance against the communist dictatorship, this armed revolt enters in the national history and that of Europe as an extraordinary event that showed the bravery and patriotism of the Albanians, right after the Second World War.

During and after the rebellion, the communist regime killed and executed without trial 64 men, women and relatives. They imprisoned and interned more than 1200 people; burned and seized many homes and wealth that belonged to the rebels.

The Parliament Speaker, Jozefina Topalli declared that this is a session that honors the first anticommunist revolt in Albania and Europe, and the Albanians should be proud for this.

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