After the holidays very little shopping as expenses of Albanian families fall in January

22/01/2022 20:15

The new year has started with less money in the pockets of Albanians as many of them say that they feel tight after the end-of-year expenses.

 “We spent for the holidays.

Now January seems very long to us”, says the citizen interviewed in Tirana.

January is also a lukewarm month for entrepreneurs.

The shops are empty and the cold is felt more when there is no work. Traders say they are waiting for customers, but they are buying always less.

“The sales boom was at the end of December when people filled their bags.

Now the situation looks very sad. They have no money. Even though there are daily expenses and products, they need them all, but they cannot afford to buy them,” said a shopkeeper.

The arrival of February is eagerly awaited by both parties.

The savings, as they say, are over and they see the salvation in the next salary.

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