World Bank: Vlore is better for business

29/06/2011 08:10

The latest evaluation of World Bank experts for 22 Southeastern Europe
cities says that Vlore is an optimal city in the region for business.

The report that was presented with the topic “Doing Business in Southeast Europe 2011” is the second of this kind that analyzes the business opportunities in 22 cities of 7 nations, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, FYR of Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro and Serbia.

For analyzing the situation in Albania, according to “Shqip” newspaper, the World Bank studied the conditions offered by the cities of Vlore, Tirane, Durres and Shkoder. Vlora was ranked first, with a coefficient of 7 points, and Tirana was last, with 16 points.

In total, Macedonia is the country that offers best business conditions, while their Albanian city, Tetovo, is ranked first of 22 analyzed regions, with three coefficient points. The worst conditions were registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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