“Vetting Law” Public Commissioner discharged

12/03/2018 19:04

The decision came after a request from the International Monitoring Operation, which stated that Saraci had committed actions that damaged the figure of public commissioners.

The Special Appeal College has discharged today Public Commissioner Heral Saraci.

The decision was taken by the Discipline commission, composed of Sokol Como, Albana Shtylla and Ardian Hajdari.

Saraci was voted nine months ago together with Florian Ballhysa, as two public commissioners.

According to the law, Saraci had the status of a Supreme Judge, with the competences to appeal verdicts coming from the First Instance Vetting Court and the Independent Commission of Qualification.

The disciplinary judge said that Saraci, with his acts and omissions, had put in danger the public commissioner job.

Another violation was the signing of two contracts for two administration employees without agreeing with the second commissioner, Ballhysa.

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