US newspaper that reported Russian money, reacted to Basha being summoned by Prosecution

14/06/2019 17:57

Mother Jones has reacted to the news that the Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, has been summoned by the Albanian Prosecution to be questioned.

“The Albanian Prosecutors plan to raise charges against Basha regarding more than 600.000 USD that his party has paid in 2017 to a republican lobbyist in Washington”.

“This step is taken more than one year and a half after the article reported by Mother Jones, proving that a shell company based in Scottland, ‘Biniatta Trade LP’, connected to some mysterious Russian citizens, had supported this lobbying request in the USA”, the newspaper underlines.

The lobbying case was opened after “Muzin Capitol Partners” declared, bound by law, that they had received payments to work in favor of the Democratic Party in 2017.

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, has admitted only 25.000 USD of these payments. The others remain unclear.

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