No pact between Rama and Basha, DP: Albania could be having more conditions by EU because of Rama

11/09/2019 22:18

When asked about the stance held by the President today, in a press release, the Democratic Party spokesperson, Gazment Bardhi, said that it is not the first time that the president criticizes the opposition for renouncing their mandates.

“We have not only a representation crisis but also a constitutional and institutional one because we are missing some of the institutions that keep a state on its feet, such as the Constitutional Court. Other institutions, such as the Parliament, and the local government”, Bardhi declared.

“We are lobbying so that Albania can have the EU accession negotiations opened for us this year. Because of the behavior conducted by this government, the chances are getting lower. We had five conditions for opening the talks, and now there are seven. They could

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