Meta criticizes international partners and EURALIUS about the judiciary reform

22/05/2019 18:19

The Albanian President, Ilir Meta, said that the judiciary reform was not only unsuccessful, but he said that it has caused an institutional crisis.

“The reform would have been successful if the country would have continued with a Constitutional Court, without interrupting its job for a single minute”, the President declared.

The judiciary reform has been praised by the international factor in the past three years of implementation, but the President of Albania, former leader and founder of the Socialist Movement for Integration (now led by his wife in opposition), said that the reform cannot be done with pressure, but through standards.

Meta criticized EURALIUS: “I invited them in a meeting for the Constitutional Court, and EURALIUS responded by saying that they cannot meet me, because they are on a technical mission. Which means that you have a political directive. The President invites a mission to discuss the Constitution, but EURALIUS gives an attestation to the Commission of Laws, to establish an institution that doesn’t exist in the Republic of Albania. This is not European justice”, Meta said.

Meta declared that he asked the Director for Western Balkan, Danielson, a monitoring mission for the judiciary reform.

Right before this declaration of the President, the German Ambassador and the US military attaché in Albania have both praised the judiciary reform.

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