Greek Defense Minister softens tones with Albania

12/09/2017 00:00

Panos Kammenos, Greek Minister of Defense and also leader of the right
wing coalition, “Independent Greeks”, answered to journalists about the
declaration of the Albanian Prime Minister’s, Edi Rama, who said in
Parliament that there are still unresolved matters with Greece.

“With Albania we will have good relations. There is no reason for them to challenge us or create problems with the Greek minority. It’s in their own interest as well, as a NATO member, to try and improve relations with Greece”, Kammenos said.

After praising the work of the Foreign Minister, Nikon Kotzias, Kammenos underlined that the neighbors of Greece must isolate extremist voices.

“We don’t fear anyone, may they have military power or not. We want our neighbors to not be led by extremists, but by moderated leaders who can create a climate of security and develop the region”, Kammenos said.

The Greek Minister of Defense was asked also for the seven recruits of the Greek army who posed with the symbol of the Albanian eagle.

“The ones who created that challenge received appropriate punishments from me and from the Chief of Staff of our armed forces. On the other hand, the image that was portrayed was not true”, Kammenos declared.

According to the Minister, there are many children of Albanian immigrants in the Greek army, who serve with honor and become a model with their service, proving that they love their country, Albania, but also their second country, Greece, where they were born or raised.

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