“Ballot recount, unreal results”

24/05/2011 00:10

Dr.Mark Kosmo, expert of economic science in Boston USA, former economist of Bank of Albania, has analyzed the numbers that came out the miscast ballots recount in Tirana from the Central Election
Commission, and his calculations cast a shadow of doubt over the recount

Mr. Kosmo declared that more than 250,000 people voted in Tirana, and the preliminary result was almost 50% for each candidate. But after a recount of miscast votes, Democratic Party candidate Lulzim Basha leaded with 67% of the remaining votes, leaving Rama only with 32%. This result, according to Kosmo, means that the contested votes for Basha were twice more than the contested votes for Rama.

Mr. Kosmo says that chances for this to happen are very few. Only in one of 11 Municipal Units, one of the candidates was able to lead with 55%, and it is very improbable to have a result of 67% with the recount of the miscast votes.

According to Mr. Kosmo, CEC has manipulated the result, and he is sure about it, comparing the accuracy of this probability with the one of DNA, which has an accuracy of 99%. This argument can be verified by judging the results according the probabilities.

“It is impossible for Mr. Basha to take 67% of the recount ballots. Its chances are from 1 to 45000 to 1 to 200 million”, the expert says.

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