COVID-19 update/ 13 losses of life in the last 24 hours; 295 infected in Albania

27/09/2021 20:55

Today has marked the highest number of daily deaths from COVID in the country as 13 citizens have passed away, among them two 33-year-old citizens.

Meanwhile, the number of infected has decreased in the last 24 hours, as out of 4064 tests, 295 citizens tested positive for COVID.

162 citizens were infected in Tirana, 19 in Durrës, 12 in Vlora, 10 in Saranda, and to a lesser extent in other districts. Currently, 189 patients are receiving treatment at COVID Hospitals, of which 29 are in a more serious condition. The fatalities from COVID were4 citizens from Durrës aged 33 to 73 years, 8 citizens from Tirana aged 66 to 73 years, and 1 citizen from Rrogozhina of 61 years.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection expressed its condolences to the families, and appealed to the citizens to get vaccinated, while adding: “If you suspect that you are affected by COVID19 or have signs of illness, isolate yourself immediately and contact your family doctor to be tested or call the National Emergency number 127”.

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