Tomatoes “disappoint” Albanian farmers due to low sale price and weak exports

11/05/2024 21:19

Greenhouse farmers in Albania continue to report large losses with the sale of agricultural products this year as well.

The first lot planted early by them in the beginning of January, so as to be early in the market with favorable prices, is not bearing fruit.

Farmers in Cërrik in central Albania say that the increased costs of the last two years, from fertilizers to labor, are not covered by the price of 30 and 40 lek per kg at which tomatoes are being sold to traders this month.

In the conditions where they do not benefit from any state subsidy due to the small land parcels below 1 hectare, they state that they are almost bankrupt.

Local statistics show that the export of tomatoes, at least for the first two months of the year, has decreased. On the other hand, the high prices at which tomatoes reach the final consumer, as they go from 80 to 130 lek in the capital, lead to poorer consumption by citizens.

Beyond the market factors, the World Bank in its 2023 report “Towards Sustainable Growth”, stated that agriculture as the sector with the highest contribution to employment and economy in Albania but has the lowest support of the six countries of Western Balkans.

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