Zelensky in Tirana: Balkan countries under threat from Russia; PM Rama: The war is as close as we are here

28/02/2024 15:05

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke today at the joint conference after the Ukraine – Southeast Europe Summit in Tirana, about the Russian threat in the Balkans.

Describing today’s summit as an important example of unity, Zelensky said that the Balkan countries are threatened by Russia, which aims at destabilization.

“The fact that we are here today, is an important example that we have come and done together. I think what is happening now is the right example. We do not pay attention to provocations, as they only divide. Today’s summit is about coming together. I think that Russia will try to destabilize the situation. Russia comes to conclusions about the mistakes it has made on the territory of Ukraine, therefore it will try to destabilize further. I believe that the Baltic countries are under threat, Moldova, the Balkan countries, where the Soviet Union was present”, said Zelenski.

According to Prime Minister Rama, there is a real danger for the Western Balkans.

“There are many lessons we can learn from our history in the Balkans, but what is happening in Ukraine is another lesson. No one should see it as a situation where the Russian army comes here, but what is happening there can be repeated in different ways. It is not a world where whoever is bigger and has more soldiers can attack smaller decisions. This is the Middle Ages.

“We should not play with fire. We must maintain a clear position in relation to Ukraine. It has to do with us”, Rama said among other things.

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