Whole family suspected as head of the family is killed by 19-year-old daughter in Durrës

23/02/2024 16:06

Seven people have been taken to the police in connection with the serious incident that happened in a rural area in Durrës in central Albania, where a 19-year-old girl allegedly killed her father.

Hygerta Meta, a student of the Faculty of Economics in Tirana undertook the serious act, according to reports, after her father wanted to betroth her against her will.

Her mother and two sons, 25 and 21 years old respectively, were questioned, as suspects of cooperation in the murder of the head of the family.

Meanwhile, police officials declare that neither the crime weapon nor the victim’s cell phone have been found yet.

Officials say the father was killed by his daughter Hygerta and then buried in the cow’s stable. It is not yet known whether she acted alone or was helped by her mother and two brothers who are under investigation.

The details of the dynamics of the event are still unclear.

It is suspected that the victim was an authoritarian and strict person in the family, although neighbors describe him as calm and positive.

After 10 days of investigation, the dead body of 50-year-old Pëllumb Meta was found, while his 19-year-old daughter was arrested.

His 19-year-old daughter, Hygerta Meta, has stated that the motive for the murder was her father’s encouragement to get engaged against her will, as well as the family conflicts they had.

The special investigative group is continuing the in-depth investigations to identify and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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