US Ambassador to critics of justice reform: Your actions are not as secretive as you think

15/04/2022 20:51

The US Ambassador to Albania has called on individuals, whom she says are undermining the justice reform, to stop slander and threats against it.

Through a post Kim was harsh with those who are stepping up efforts to thwart the justice vetting process at a time when the reform is yielding more results.

Without mentioning specific names, the ambassador says that the actions of these individuals are not as ‘hidden as they think’.

“As justice reform begins to produce more and more results, opponents are stepping up efforts to undermine key elements, including the Vetting. Those who engage in threats, intimidation, slander and corrupt offers, must stop.

“Your actions are not as hidden as you think,” Kim wrote on Twitter. The American diplomat adds that the United States of America continues to strongly support the implementation of the Justice Reform, as one of the essential issues of national security.

“President Biden made it clear in the National Security Study Memorandum of June 3, 2021 that the fight against corruption is an essential national security interest of the United States. We will continue to strongly support the implementation of justice reform”, added Kim among other things.

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