Two policemen who stole 400 euros and a mobile phone from the migrant crossing in Saranda, sent in house arrest

01/02/2023 19:32

Two police officers, Dorian Sulo and Ronald Xhaferi, have been placed under house arrest today, suspected of the criminal offense of “Theft while abusing duty” committed in collaboration.

The police officers of the Border Police Station in Saranda in south of Albania, reportedly stole 400 euros and a mobile phone from an immigrant who was coming to Albania, 6 days ago.

The authorities did not give more details about the serious incriminating case, but more is expected to be learned with the start of the trial.

The Regional Directorate of Police decided to assign the security measure “House arrest” for police officers.

“The execution of this decision comes after an intensive investigative work, following the event of 25.01.2023, when the police officer M.J. was detained and the police officer D.S. was processed in free state” – announced the authorities.

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