Top Channel TV’s statement on terrorist attack with an employee killed at its main headquarters

27/03/2023 15:16

In the early morning hours of today, Monday, March 27, 2023, Top Channel was object of a terrorist attack, never seen before in 32 years of building the state of law and free speech in Albania.

The consequence of this attack was the loss of life of the security worker Pal Kola, who was on duty in front of the television building.

At 00.40, the deceased Pal Kola was found in the center of the barrage with 25 bullets in the direction of the Top Channel building. The loss of the life of the father and husband Pal Kola in the line of duty, is the biggest shock and blow for Top Channel.

We offer our deepest condolences to the Kola family, standing by them in the face of this tragedy. Likewise, Top Channel expresses the clarity that this unprecedented terrorist act was carried out to damage and attack the mission of free media and the power of free speech.

Top Channel was founded, created with the spirit of its founder who built not only the idea of an Albanian media with Western values, but above all a media that is represented by a large group of outstanding professionals, public and intellectual figures,

who serve the public with full dedication every day.

Terrorist attacks of this type clearly show how important free speech is and how disturbing it is to undermine democracy.

In the name of the highest duty we have served, Top Channel will continue to inherit and carry out its mission of free speech to the public and Albanian society. The clarification of this act by the law enforcement bodies should be a priority, not only because an employee of Top Channel was killed, but it is also an assassination attempt against the television that has served in transparency and support of the law by contributing with information and awareness and strengthening of the law institutions

for Albanian society.

This terrorist act is unprecedented against a national media, it is only related to its mission of free speech.

This unprecedented crime and terrorist act requires an immediate, responsible and tough response from the State Police and justice institutions, to bring the perpetrators of the murder to justice.

Top Channel will be at the service of the Albanian public, despite the constant pressures of those who undermine democracy, which all free media that worship Western values for building the institutions and principles of Albanian society know and face.

Top Channel