Tirana hospital center denies opposition’s accusations of death of patients during the power outage

08/04/2024 15:50

The “Mother Teresa” University Hospital Center in Tirana has today officially contradicted the statements of the deputy of the DP opposition, Albana Vokshi, that a few days ago in the emergency room of the Health and Medical Center, the power was cut off for two hours and as a result four patients lost their lives.

According to this institution, on April 5, there were fluctuations in electricity voltage, but intervention by technicians was immediate, while denying the accusations of loss of life.

“QSUT regrets the untrue statements in the Commission for Labor, Social Affairs and Health, which directly affect patients and their health.

“Mother Teresa” University Hospital Center, regarding the statements made by the members of the commission for power outages in one of the buildings of this hospital, clarifies as follows:

On April 5, at 1:30 PM, 24-hour service technicians detected power fluctuations near the Central Reanimation Service. The reaction of the additional standby technicians of QSUT who, in cooperation with the Electricity Distribution Operator, have provided a solution to this problem, making it possible to restore the electricity supply and normalize the situation. QSUT clarifies the public opinion that there is no truth as reported today about the loss of life of patients and that the service to them has not been compromised at any time”.

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