Self-Determination: Steps of unification with Albania

02/06/2014 00:00

Political unification with Albania, reduction of inequality by removing
VAT on food and books, are the main points of the program through which
the Self-Determination Movement has started the power race in Kosovo.

The solution that the Self-Determination Movement offers to the citizens, according to Albin Kurti, positions this party at the center left of the Kosovo politics. In an interview for Top Channel, Kurti explained the progressive taxation and the developing state concept.

“Salaries from 170-500 EUR will bay 5% taxes. VAT will be 20% for luxury goods, while basic goods will be removed from the VAT scheme. The developing state is a concept of social-democratic economists, who say that development is achieved from within and is helped fromi outside. Farmers and businessmen need support from the state to compete within and outside the country”, Kurti declared.

As for the unification with Albania, the Self-Determination Movement foresees concrete steps.

“We will make a joint ergister. We will remove permits of work, licensing of businesses. It should be like one single country and work with one customs system. All of these are steps for political unification. Kosovo must join Albania and be one state with one government”, Kurti declared.

The fact that they belong to the center left will not be an obstacle for possible coalitions with the governments that will win the elections.

“The Self-Determination movement wants to make a republican state with full sovereignty and social-democratic regulation within Kosovo. Our orientation is that of the center left. We will make the government very easily, because the economic concept is not serious among other parties. We will join with other parties so that the Self-Determination Movement for the Self-Determination Movement to be on fron. The PDK must be in opposition”, Kurti added.

The Self-Determination Movement has prepared the plans for the unification of Mitrovica, and the security development plan which underlines dialogue with the Serbian citizens in Kosovo, and clear conditions for Belgrade.

For education, the Self-Determination Movement foresees free education for every level and connecting it with economy, and also unifying the curriculas and coordinating the study courses with Albania.

Top Channel