President Begaj in meeting with the delegation of the NATO Assembly: Albania will play its role as a factor of peace

17/04/2024 15:45

The Albanian President, Bajram Begaj, received today a delegation of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, members of the Committee for Democracy and Security.

The parliamentarians appreciated the role that Albania plays in NATO, as well as its contribution to the defense of the Alliance’s principles and values.

The Head of State reaffirmed the position that Albania is fully committed to continue with its commitments in NATO and to strengthen collective defense.

The meeting then took place in the form of a conversation, during which the President of the Republic, Bajram Begaj, expressed Albania’s position regarding the situation in the region, on developments in the Middle East, as well as the need to find solutions through dialogue and cooperation. constructive.

“Albania will continue to play its role as a factor of peace, stability and exporter of security”, the Head of State guaranteed, among other things.

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