PM Rama on regional summit of Kotor: The paths of integration should be opened without the need to be members

16/05/2024 15:53

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama held a meeting with journalists after the Kotor Summit in Montenegro.

There he asked for more support from the European Union, while emphasizing that “integration paths should be opened without the need to be a member.”

“Today, the reunification of Europe has taken place also because of the strong alarm bell that rang with the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Therefore my idea and insistence has been to do our homework and have the structures and the level of performance to deserve membership. But we also need to open the paths of integration without the need to be members, to open paths to the common European market, all those parts of the EU structure where our countries can be included without being EU members”, said Rama.

He added: “There is a significant financial package that will be divided between the countries based on the reforms, I am giving you a simple example from other mechanisms, we are almost ready to make the request to enter the SEPA system, where all Albania’s transfers from the EU will be the same as within the EU.”

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