PM Rama holds Iftar dinner: It is a virtue to exercise the strong discipline of fasting

08/04/2024 21:22

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama hosted an Iftar dinner today for the Holy Month of Ramadan.

He thanked those present, those who were fasting and those who were not, while he said that participating in Iftar is a kind of fasting in itself. He emphasized that the Iftar meal is not ordinary, but a sharing of bread between the strong, those who fast, and the less strong, those who do not fast, including the Prime Minister himself.

Rama mentioned the religious harmony in Albania, saying that there was no prejudice and that the different religions are not a factor of division with each other.

“Thank you for accepting the invitation to participate in this traditional iftar dinner. Just as the fasting people welcome it, I also look forward to offering this iftar along with Linda, and everyone commits to the table having the spirit of an evening, which neither language nor religion, nor work, nor anyone’s idea of God brings us together , but we are united by the feeling of belonging to something connected, to something similar, which we find different names for.

“The Iftar meal is not ordinary, it is a sharing of bread between the strongest, those who were fasting and those less strong who could not or did not want to fast. It is a virtue to practice the strong discipline of fasting. In this Magnificent month, since I myself, despite the height of my stature, and I belong to the less strong, I see it as virtuous to sit also non-fasters at the Iftar table”, added Rama.

“Participating in Iftar is a kind of fasting in itself, one putting aside prejudices, bowing to the habits of the other, performing a gesture of unity, in a country like ours, where being different in religion has not caused us to quarrel. By serving an Iftar, we come together in different ways, in respect of the fasting of our sisters and brothers, in the holy month of Ramadan”, concluded the Prime Minister.

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