PM Rama appeals to Albanians and to the opposition to vote the new anti-corruption resolution

27/05/2024 16:08

Prime Minister Edi Rama addressed the opposition from the floor of the Assembly with the call to vote on the anti-corruption draft resolution proposed by the SP in power. 

Addressing the Albanians, Rama said that corruption is still present in the country and that is why this resolution was proposed.

“Our opposition to corruption with vision and reforms has started to repel it but has not been able to stop it, and it is a worrying phenomenon. That’s why today we come to the parliament with this initiative. Our political force in government is not only tireless, but has an inner power to change the country, and makes it a serious opposition to itself.

“Now this one is for MPs outside the SP, my appeal is to vote for it today and if you don’t find this strength, don’t publish it tomorrow… Many time I’ve told you in this room, go back to the past… not that I’m smarter than you, but because you didn’t want to learn that short-sighted decisions make the short path infinitely long, so we are here and you are there. Good health, I hope you still have a lot to see. The flag of Albania will be ready to be planted in the courtyard of the EU, in Brussels”, said Rama, referring to the promise of EU integration of the country.

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