Opposition’s request to bring the mandate of the socialist Xhaçka to the Constitutional Court is rejected

11/04/2024 21:16

The opposition’s request to take the mandate of the socialist Olta Xhaçka to the Constitutional Court for the verification of its constitutionality, was rejected by the Albanian parliament.

The development came after accusations of favoritism in granting her husband the status of “strategic investor”, but the MP herself said that he has not benefited from anything illegal related to his activity as an entrepreneur.

There were 39 votes in favor and 72 against, making this request not pass. Xhaçka himself has chosen to abstain.

During the speech held today in the Assembly, Olta Xhaçka stated that she was used as “gun fodder” by the opposition MPs who, according to her, accuse her of false benefits in relation to her husband Artan Gaçi.

“Actually, today the Assembly has no reason to vote for me personally because the Constitutional Court has considered my case and dismissed it. Today, something else has to be voted on here, which is the extent of the parliament’s sovereignty. The court was expressed once, I will not discuss this further and I will let my colleagues decide”, said Xhacka, among other things.

The case was considered by the Constitutional Court in January last year for more than 8 hours. After reviewing more than 500 pages of material evidence, they decided to dismiss it. “All of this is due to only one of the 1,500 permits granted for the use of the beach space by entities operating on the coast of Albania”, added the MP in relation to her husband’s business.

“There is talk of personal favors and statuses, when in fact everything from beginning to end is a beach use permit from a private enterprise, of which my husband is also a part, who was an entrepreneur before I became a deputy.

“Neither I nor my husband have been given any exclusive status but a legal status like that of other enterprises. No law has been broken and no illegality has been committed, I have never been in a conflict of interest. The CJK said it in its jurisprudence. There is no ban on the family members of MPs doing business”, she added.

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