Medical students protest against order to work in Albania after graduation

23/06/2023 15:57

A day before the medical students hold the next protest against th eproposal to provide health services in their country after completing their studies, the rector of Arben Gjata University explains that there is no final decision, but it is only a discussion phase within the framework of the containment of Albania new doctors from departing to Germany or other EU countries to work.

“For medical students, it is a discussion stage, but there is no draft prepared. One of the proposals made by the government was the provision of jobs after completing studies in the public sector, with a contract to serve three years in Albania, not excluding the possibility of pursuing studies and specializations”.

With a rough calculation, the Albanian state spends nearly 3 thousand dollars per year for a student of the Faculty of Medicine who studies for 6 years of general medicine, a cost of 18 thousand dollars. It is now being discussed that a student, after completing his studies, must either serve in his country for a certain period of time, or must return the cost of the studies in the public system.

The study fee for the faculty of medicine is 45 thousand new lek per year, but is reported that only a minority pay it in full.

Today, medical students are holding another protest against the government’s plan.

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