Man who threatened female tourists on Vlora beach is arrested, then taken to mental hospital

20/05/2024 15:46

The police of Vlora, on the southwest coast of Albania, said they identified and arrested the person who became the protagonist of an ugly exchange on the old beach of Vlora.

The video became viral after it was shared on the net by the Russian women tourists, whom the man approached with an umbrella accusing them of occupying the beach.

In its announcement, the police state that 42-year-old Klodian Hameti suffered from mental health problems, so he was taken to the Vlora psychiatric hospital for treatment.

Today, in the same place where the incident happened, the beach was calm, while vacationers condemn such acts as negative advertising for the city.

Authorities encourage citizens to report any similar incidents and cooperate with authorities to maintain public order and safety.

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