Licensing of gambling and medical cannabis, the remuneration that benefits the members of the commissions is revealed

22/05/2024 15:43

The Council of Ministers has set the salaries for the members of the state commissions after the licensing of the use of medical cannabis and the reopening of gambling in Albania.

The announcement further stated: The members appointed to the License Commission for the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes receive a payment for their participation and contribution to this commission, in the amount of 25,000 (twenty-five thousand) lek per meeting, but no more than 12 (twelve) payments per year.

As for the gambling resumption commission in Albania, it was stated:

  1. The chairman and members of the License Commission for the examination and evaluation of applications submitted in relation to the gambling activity, at the Gambling Supervision Authority, are rewarded as follows:
  2. a) Chairman of the commission, in the amount of 35,000 (thirty-five thousand) ALL per meeting;
  3. b) Members of the commission, in the amount of 30,000 (thirty thousand) ALL per meeting.
  4. Every payment of the committee members is made on the basis of the document (attendance list or minutes), which proves the participation in the committee meetings.

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