Independent party leader, Bojaxhi: “We don’t need a power rotation, but a system transformation”

22/02/2019 19:06

Gjergj Bojaxhi, who formed an independent party, said that the opposition’s act to renounce of their mandates is irresponsible.

“I joined the Sfida party and we attended an electoral process that had deadlines, constitutional rules. But the Democratic Party and the Socialist Party changed the date of the race, and also the rule, breaking every democratic standard”, Bojaxhi said.

For Bojaxhi, it is absurd that the Central Election Commission is only led by the two major parties. He accused the Socialist Party of being part of this negotiation that breaks the democratic spirit.

Bojaxhi said that the country doesn’t need a rotation of political parties, but a radical transformation of the system. The international partners should not make compromises that go against democracy.

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