Former mayor of Durrës is released after arrest for abuse of office

27/02/2024 15:38

The former mayor of Durrës, Vangjush Dako, arrested for abuse of office, will leave the prison cell.

Judge Fjorela Davidhi decided today that Dako will be placed under house arrest, because the deadlines have expired, while additional investigations have been ordered on the charges.

At the beginning of February, the Preliminary Court considered the investigations against the former mayor of Durrës and the other accused to be incomplete and ordered an expertise to be carried out for the “Promenade” project.

The prosecution had charged that the “Promenade” project in the center of Durres caused an economic damage of 18 million lek to the state, but the head of the municipality of Durres, Vangjush Dako, and the other suspects claim otherwise.

The court left the duty of the prosecution to prove the existence of this damage. And the nature of this damage, if there was any, the court said, requires special knowledge and expertise so as to have the value of evidence.

Among the tasks, the court requested the questioning of the former economic director and the two auditors who found the violations in 2015.

The court asks for the formula of how it was concluded that the state budget was damaged during the procurement and if the observations of the auditors were not considered, what were the reasons. Vangjush Dako is accused of embezzlement for the “Promendate” project and for the construction of an apartament building, while 10 others are awaiting trial along with him.

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