Fiks Fare; Officials in Kukës neglect Albanian from Kosovo who is seeking citizenship

19/02/2024 21:17

Fiks Fare investigative show denounced on Monday evening the abuses of state institutions towards Albanians from Kosovo who are seeking citizenship.

Lavdim Krusha, 40 years old, and his wife, Elsuida Krusha, complained to the editors of the investigative show. Lavdimi says he is from Kosovo and has been living in Kukës in the north of Albania for 3 years, with his Albanian wife and their 7-year-old son. He says that he has applied for Albanian citizenship, as his wife is from Albania and they live in Kukës.

“It’s been almost 2 years since I applied. I have filled out all the documents in order and sent them to the Local Police Directorate of Kukës. They told me you are fine and we will send them to the ministry. I went several times for information and every time I went I was greeted with arrogance. They told me not to come for information, that we have a contact number, we will notify you ourselves if anything. I had to stop going for information while waiting for them to contact, while I was forced to go to Tirana to the Ministry of Interior for information. They didn’t give me any information there. I came to Kukës again and went to the directorate for information and they told me that it has been 6 months since they were returned. They are arrogant and insult me”, says Lavdimi and his wife.

Fiks Fare journalists go to the Local Police Directorate of Kukës, where we meet the responsible Elkjer Dogjani, who refuses to give an interview and replied that “we will give you a written answer”. Journalists ask him why the letters were kept for months in that directory.

The citizen still has not received an answer after all the delays of the authorities.

The file of Mr. Krusha has been kept in the drawer for months. And now, after more than 20 months, employees find various justifications for their non-action.

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