“Fiks Fare”; Occupation of empty spaces in Durrës cemeteries continues, one dead occupies 3-4 graves

16/04/2024 21:23

The Fiks Fare program on Top Channel has brought back investigations on how a grave sites was bought and sold in the Durrës cemetery.

The picture seems even worse than a year ago, as the places are occupied with frames and fences, and a person appears in 3-4 graves, while empty “booked” places are also seen. No one interferes even though nothing is written in the registers.

Fiks Fare returned after 9 months to the ‘new cemetery’ as it is otherwise known in Durrës, and apart from the empty graves reserved or purchased by various individuals illegally, the situation has worsened.

Fiks Fare confirmed the occupation of empty places, framed with concrete, without a person name or photo. There are also unfenced places, but vases have been placed on them to show that it is occupied.

With the collected facts, Fiks Fare addressed the Durrës Municipal Service Enterprise in these cemeteries. The technician alerted by the journalists accompanies them to the places and during the inspection, the technician states that once in 2001 it was permissible to pay a bill near the municipality and occupy a grave, but that it has not been working like that for a long time.

“The law of the jungle still exists here. There is a lot of abuse, there is the law of the ‘strong’man, or there was the law of money or acquaintances. You caught the facts, what have I to say,” concludes the technician, implying the abuses. Although after the first denunciation that Fiks Fare made, a former technician was arrested, the phenomenon of sales or occupation of grave sites continues.


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