EU Ambassador condemns the threats and insults of the opposition’s Meta to the justice bodies: They have no place in democracy

18/04/2024 15:42

The ambassador of the European Union in Albania, Silvio Gonzato, has reacted again after the verbal attacks of the head of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, against the head of the SPAK special prosecution, Altin Dumani.

He emphasized that attacks or intimidation against members of the judiciary have no place in a democratic country.

Silvio Gonzato was in Vlora today to support another cause, the “EU for Youth” project which, thanks to the support of the European Union, aims to promote professional training and employment of young people in the country.

The USA, Great Britain and the EU Delegation in Tirana also condemned the verbal attacks with a threatening character by Ilir Meta against the head of the SPAK prosecution, Altin Dumani.

The threats from Meta come at a time when the criminal files against him and his family, including the property investigation, seem to be in the final stage by BKH agents and SPAK prosecutors.

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