DP on the demolition of illegal constructions in Velipoja: In stark violation of the law

11/06/2020 15:50

As the action continues by the National Inspectorate of Territorial Defense and the State Police for the demolition of illegal constructions on the coast of Velipoja, the Democratic Party has called the campaign ‘illegal’.

DP’s statement read:

“We are all witnesses of how Edi Rama along with his gang, undertook an unprecedented action, in open contradiction of the law on the demolition of some buildings on the beach of Velipoja.

“First of all, we emphasize that these demolitions were done in violation of the law, as the notification procedures were not respected, and even more so, at a time when these entities are in court proceedings on the matter. Second, the demolitions are being done selectively, saving the constructions of the “friends” who serve Edi Rama and Sander Lleshi for the buying of votes in elections. ”

“Thirdly, this unprecedented decision comes at the height of the crisis in the tourism sector, created by the Edi Rama’s mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic. Exactly in this period of crisis comes the next blow from Edi and his ‘crime general’, leaving 70 families without income in Velipoja. The Democratic Party, Shkodra Branch is making public the paperwork that proves the violations and ensures that every citizen who falls prey to the injustice of the ruling gang, that we are by their side and will take all the necessary steps to restore justice. “

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