Disciplinary measures against police officers after 1644 complaints from the citizens

22/10/2022 21:43

 “The employees of the public security structures, the traffic police, and crime investigation show a lack of ethics and professionalism, but the illegal actions of the police, mainly in illegal escorts and detention, in use of violence during escorting and the stay in police premises, remain disturbing.”

Thi above is the conclusion of the Albanian Police Supervision Agency during an administrative investigation after which recommendations for disciplinary measures were sent to 642 police force officers.

The agency said that last year, 1,644 citizens complained to the police, of which 350 reported unfair fines, 259 complaints for not acting on time, and 250 for violations of ethics and bias on the part of the officers.

Lawyer Bledar Meminaj remembers that last year he advised his client, who was unjustly escorted to the police station, to complain to the AMP internal control agency. But as a result, the prosecutor’s office of Tirana stopped the investigation on the officers.

The citizen was one of 30 who complained about illegal search and escorting to a police facility.

“They should not proceed in that way because the search of a property is provided in the criminal code. It is a property, there is a procedure on how it should be done”, says the lawyer.

Although the law on the one hand has been toughened and the agency has been raised to a stronger level of control, the police continue to have problems with performance, both for the basic level officers and for the high level ones.

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