Deportation mechanism brings to Tirana 47 Albanian migrants from England on the Stansted-Rinas line

29/02/2024 21:11

The British Home Office continues the deportation of illegal Albanians in Great Britain through special flights, as today the Airbus 321-211 aircraft of the contracted company Titan brought 47 Albanians to Tirana.

Most of them did not have a residence permit in England, while among them there were also people who finished their sentences in English prisons for charges such as possession of weapons without a permit, drug trafficking and arson.

Despite the weekly deportations of those who complete their sentences, the seats that are left empty on the plane are quickly taken by other Albanians.

Every day, Albanian citizens are said to appear in British courts mostly for crimes related to illegal production of cannabis or sale and distribution of doses of cocaine.

Cases of serious crimes such as murder, hostage-taking, rape, immigrant trafficking or involvement in cocaine trafficking conspiracies are also not common.

In order to receive light sentences, they accept the charges at the first hearing and are then put on the Home Office lists as contingent to be deported.

This is another indication of why the Home Office is likely to bring a charter of deported Albanians every Thursday.

There are currently 1,330 Albanians in detention or as convicts, marking the foreign nationality with the largest number of people in English and Welsh prisons.

Home Office data show that until September 2023, convictions in England for immigrants without documentation and applications for voluntary returns, Albanians were first with 4,634 people (20%), followed by Indians (15%) and Brazilians (12%).

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