Democrats protest with Molotov cocktails and flares at Prime Minister’s Office, accuse PM Rama of destroying the opposition

20/02/2024 21:26

The Prime Minister’s building was surrounded tonight by 1200 police forces, as the DP opposition group led by former Prime Minister Berisha protested strongly against what they called the corruption of the government and Prime Minister Rama.

About 10 democratic deputies gave speeches, among them Sali Berisha through a video link, while he is under house arrest accused of abusë of power. The protest started with the speech of the deputy Luciano Boçi, continued with the actor Mehdi Malkja, and democrat deputy Flamur Noka.

The police escorted some of the protesters who caused incidents during the opposition rally.

The number of those arrested is still not needed, as it can be seen in the following photos, they threw fuel in the direction of the building. Some of them have used Molotov cocktails, checkers, and stones.

Democratic MP Flamur Noka, among other things, said:

“This day will be remembered for a long time, as we are convinced that this moment aims to interrupt the darkest project that has been put on the country with Rama’s plan for the annihilation of the opposition.

“A person who has been targeting for 11 years, who has captured every state office, that divides the wealth of the country like a cake and that is at the top of every corruption affair. He travels like a sheikh by plane, paid for by your taxes. He builds a garden here behind (the prime minister’s office) of 4 million euros, all with your money”, said Noka, among other things.

While the democratic MP Gazment Bardhi, in his speech, stated that the opposition wants to build a government that works to enrich Albanians, not the rulers.

“We are here today to say that we want to build a state with a government that works to enrich Albanians, not those in power, dedicated to the youth, not connected to the oligarchs. Today we are really in the opposition and we have gone through sometimes difficult moments and unworthy of you.

“Edi Rama only sows corruption and poverty. Rama has used every mechanism to sow fear. In these 10 years, Rama has failed, we are not afraid, we want to face it. This is an unequal war but we do not surrender our freedom to Edi Rama or anyone else”, said Bardhi among other things.


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