Cleaner and her son stole over €500,000 in cash from the house of former deputy PM’s chief of staff

09/01/2023 15:14

Mother and son, Rozeta and Javier Dobi were left in prison today by the judge, after robbing the house of Alda Klosi, who was director of concessions in the Ministry of Economy at the time when it was headed by Arben Ahmetaj and then chief of staff of the former prime minister.

The accused appeared emotionally burdened, between tears and bowed during the court session, while her son was calmer. The Tirana police said that the amount in cash together with jewelry was robbed in the apartment on Rruga e Kosovare in Tirana, but the notification did not say who the robbed apartment belonged to, thus hiding the identity of the owner, the former director of the concessions when former vice-PM, Arben Ahmetaj was Minister of Economy.

Further investigations are expected to reveal the reason why Alda Klosi, an employee of the state administration, had cash at home that was not deposited in the bank.

Police sources who are investigating the case told Top Channel that they have started verifications against Alda Klosi to provide clarifications on who was the source of the amount of money stolen from her home.

The Tirana police doubts that Rozeta and Javier Dobi are involved in at least 4 other robberies. From the re-check of the apartment of Rozeta and Javier Dobi on Sunday morning, the police say that they found another 404,800 euros and 8,500 dollars hidden in the aspirator tube.


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