Border entries and exits are increasing, number of Albanians who traveled abroad at the beginning of the year also increasing

26/02/2024 15:58

Nearly half a million foreign visitors have come to Albania this year, according to INSTAT state agency figures. The indicator comes with a 30% increase from a year ago, while tourism increasingly becomes year-round.

INSTAT adds that the region with the highest number of arrivals in Albania is the region of Europe with about 475 thousand citizens, followed by America and East Asia and the Pacific, respectively with 8,867 and 2,157 citizens.

Tourists from the Americas have increased by 20% from a year ago, those from East Asia and the Pacific by 40%.

As for the reasons for the visit by foreigners, 94% of them came for vacation. 4% of them were transit passengers, with a significant increase from a year ago. While the rest have visited the country for health reasons as well as for business or professional reasons.

INSTAT also reports that the movements of Albanians in foreign countries have not been missing either. About 645,000 citizens have gone abroad, a 19% increase from a year ago.

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