Assembly reinstates all the expelled members of the opposition except former Prime Minister Berisha

15/04/2024 21:18

Speaker Nikolla announced on Thursday that the democratic parliamentary group had decided to cancel all disciplinary measures, but the decision signed by Gazment Bardhi, to officially reinstate former Prime Minister Sali Berisha in the body he leads, has not been reflected on the Parliament’s website.

Top Channel notes that the Assembly took into consideration the letter that the chairman of the democratic group submitted a week ago on some penalized  MPs such as Oerd Bylykbashi, Flamur Noka, or Tritan Shehu, but not Sali Berisha, who appears on the page as part of deputies outside the parliamentary groups.

Asked if he knew why Berisha appeared outside the group, Gazment Bardhi did not give a clear answer: “The communication of the parliamentary group is clear, I believe it is an issue that has been overcome, it is a problem within the DP. Any attempt to shift attention from topics that are in the interest of citizens to return attention to division will not receive our attention. The DP group was united on September 5, 2023”.

After Sali Berisha was declared ‘non grata’ by US Secretary of State Blinken in May 2021, the first decision of head Lulzim Basha was to exclude the historic DP leader from the parliamentary group and then from the party.

Top Channel