23-century old unknown fortified city excavated in Bushat, Shkoder

30/05/2018 17:24

A Polish-Albanian archaeological expedition has uncovered an ancient habitat near Bushat, Vau i Dejes. Shkoder.

According to the leader of this expedition, prof.Saimir Shpuza, no archaeological excavation has been made here since the ‘80s.

“The material we found helps us to identify the period, the third or the first century B.C”, says professor Saimir Shpuza.

According to the Polish professor, it seems to be an ancient, unknown city, which they hope to identify soon.

“It is interesting that it is very close to Shkodra and Lezha. The fortified wall is 3.5 meters wide. We don’t know the name of this town but we think it is unknown before”, says prof.Piot Dyczek.

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