Zero custom tax for cars

23/08/2011 14:55

Starting from this Monday, every imported vehicle in Albania will have
no customs tax to pay. The law that was approved by the Parliament some
weeks ago will enter in act this Wednesday. Official sources from the
Ministry of Finances say that they are preparing the instructions that
will help the implementation of this law.

The law provides that customs taxes will not be paid in the Custom, but it will be replaced by another tax that is paid each year, when drivers make the obligatory vehicle check at the state authorities.

The new tax is based more or less on the same formula of the import tax, but since it will be paid through several years, the sum to be paid each year is several times smaller than the existing tax, which often was three to four times higher than the price of the car itself. The new tax will also depend on the age of the car and its engine power.

But the difference is that if a citizen who imported a car would pay the total price of the customs tax as soon as his vehicle crossed the Albanian border, the new law divides this tax in smaller sums that will be paid yearly for many years. Together with the customs tax, the government will remove the circulation and registration tax, which will not be paid any more each year, but will be collected directly from the gas, the tax of which will be increased with 2 ALL per litre.

The new formula makes the citizen decide by himself how much will the circulation and registration tax cost him, since it will depend on the gas that he will spend.

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