Youngsters protested against the airport project in the Vjosë-Nartë protected area

28/01/2023 20:53

About 200 youngsters, individuals and activists of environmental organizations, protested on Saturday against the construction of airport of Akarnia, calling it a meaningless project in the Vjosë-Nartë protected natural landscape.

People have arrived from the capital and different cities to oppose the continuation of the works.

According to environmental expert Zudjon Vorpsi, the works for the construction of the Vlora airport should be suspended immediately as the project is contrary to the Bern Convention, otherwise known as the convention that protects wildlife and the environment.

If the airport building works are not stopped, the protesters will turn to the judicial authorities.

According to the activists, the construction of the airport destroys one of the greatest environmental assets of Vlora. This was a special protest as in a show of care for nature, the activists decided to plant trees, thus suggesting the ideal manner and place in favor of green spaces.

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