Well-known publicist among the 28 detained in the wide-ranging operation on criminal network

28/02/2020 18:51

28 people fell into police custody on Friday morning during a several districts operation, following a 6-month investigation launched by the Permet prosecution office.

The police stated that the majority of the detainees face charges of manufacturing and selling narcotics, but others are also charged with the offenses “Exercising unlawful influence over persons in public office”, “Banknotes forgery”, “Unlawful possession of firearms and explosives “,”Organizing illegal gambling”,”money laundering”,” Hiding illegal profits”,”Fraud” and “Documents falsification”.

Among those arrested is publisher and analyst Henri Cili.

Earlier in October 2019, police arrested 7 more people as part of the same operation, who were found in possession of 128kg cannabis sativa, heroin and cocaine, explosive molds, large sums of lek and euros, including a suspected counterfeit part, 7 vehicles, suspected counterfeit notarial documents and contracts.

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