Water reservoir is drying up in Roskovec, farmers risk failing with spring planting

29/02/2024 16:06

The Kurjan reservoir in Roskovec, near Fier in southwestern Albania, appears to be drying up.

The drop in water level due to drought and lack of rainfall has caused the death of thousands of fish in the shallows of the reservoir.

But the officials of the Drainage and Irrigation Board in Roskovec Municipality say that the situation is alarming as the irrigation for farmers is at risk, who may fail in their spring plantings.

“This situation has never happened before, therefore immediate intervention is required, it endangers the agriculture of the region”, said a farmer.

“But also for the following summer season, the dire situation has been forwarded to the Ministry of Agriculture to find a solution, such as putting the Matka pumping station into operation, to supply this reservoir. We are still waiting”, said Agron Dardha, Director of the Drainage and Irrigation Board, Roskovec Municipality.

The Kurjan reservoir has an area of 350 hectares and enables the irrigation and drainage of 5 thousand hectares of agricultural land in Roskovec. The holding capacity of the reservoir dam reaches 32 million cubic meters of water.

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