Washington’s withdrawal from Balkan, Hahn: It’s not a problem. Now it’s the EU

15/04/2019 17:51

It is not hard to notice that USA’s role in Balkan is not as it used to be. But the Washington post says that for the European Commissioner for Enlargement, Johannes Hahn, this is not a problem.

Hahn visited the USa last week, where he met with his American counterpart to discuss the Middle East, Ukraine and Western Balkans.

“The USA are very supportive of the EU in Balkan”, Hahn said, adding: “I think that they are happy that now it is us managing the situation.”

However, the biggest concern for the moment, according to the EU official, is related to the stance of the EU regarding Kosovo. Until recently, Washington was against border changes, which usually causes bloodshed and violence in the region. But the Trump administration has vouched to support any solution between the parties.

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