Village in dispute over land ownership / Overlapping of owners without solution in Uraka and Rrajca

12/09/2020 15:03

The villages of Urakë and Rrajcë of the municipality of Prrenjas in the south of Albania are divided between them by the national axis Prrenjas-Qafë Thanë.

But it seems that these villages are united by an old ownership conflict which has not found a solution in 30 years of democracy.

The lands of these villages are divided according to the old titles where the property goes to the owner as defined by the notorious Law 7501.

This has caused overlapping of lands and a conflict which could not be resolved by the Librazhd Cadastre.

28 families do not enjoy their properties and the problems have caused conflicts between neighbors.

In many cases, the conflict with the properties has made some buildings not benefit from the legalization process. Landless landlords and already without hope of finding a solution, residents of both villages continue to be waiting for a solution from the cadastre.

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